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Every experience is unique to you as a guest. It may be the small thing that becomes the great experience and the big memories to bring home.

We select activities that suit you and your requirements. As our guest, we want to provide and show the absolute best for you – and we promise you – there is something for everyone.

Here in Swedish Lapland you will find many world famous attractions that we show up in a simple and natural way. The northern lights, the midnight sun, the summer skiing and a hotel built of ice. Great experiences created by people with a huge cultural knowledge about the region – experiences we are now sharing with you.

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Welcome to our world!

Shared memories

Is there anything better than to be part of something good with their loved ones? Getting to share the memories and to be able to talk about them for years to come. Be welded together as a group and to experience the most beautiful landscape together.

We have complete packages for groups and if you become a bigger group we adjust the tour according to your wishes. We have many friends and families coming back regularly, every year to experience the Swedish Lapland and everything we have to offer.

Find the perfect tour by doing a search in the search form to the right.

Welcome to our world!


Tore Andersson
“You don´t think on the psychological aspects during a hike, but they exist – the pieces that you do not notice until they are missing”.


Per Lundberg
“Classe gave our hike a deeper dimension, his stories made ​​italive in a way which is not within everyone´s reach”.


Ronald Gugg
“Classe turned out to be a “know everything” leader, everything from foot massage to a first star bbq chef of “suovas”, always attentive and helpful”.
Martin Bamford
“My trip to Sarek was one of the best hiking weeks in my life. Our guide Classe taught us a lot about the mountains and the sami culture”.


Jilian McDonald
Adventure4Ever, Holland
“There is no doubt, we will recommend Bearfoot North to everyone who wants to have a wonderful experience…”


Cecilia Holm
“This was not my last tour to Sarek, and hopefully not my last mountain experience in the company of Classe”.


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