Conference and development

A well-functioning group is using it´s energy to relevant tasks and goals. We help groups of different levels in an organization to develop, and this is done in an environment that enhances creativity and provides time for reflection.

A good conference is a place to handle questions about the present and the future, a starting-point for tomorrow of the staff and the enterprise. We know that the ordinary room limit your mind, and great ideas are born in open space and magnificent nature. In Swedish Lapland we have many options to arrange meetings in thrilling surroundings that allow for as well contemplation as reflection.

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A trip according to your needs

Bearfoot North has great experience in organizing experiences that stands out for both private groups and companies.

No matter where you choose to go, or whatever you choose to do, it is our responsibility that you will be satisfied and together we will meet the goals you have set up with the trip.

Please contact us and we’ll help you find a tour that suits you.

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Daniel Fåhraeus
VD, Pite Energi
“Bearfoot North has the right drive and the right things to do for a group that wants to be welded together during physical exertion in the stunning Swedish mountain environment. Claes-Jörgen Pohl personifies a good host, energy and determination to develop the participants. Our group had four tough, amazing, instructive and stimulating days at the Keb-mountains. The grouped solved together the challenges we faced, giving additional security and confidence among members. Together with Bearfoot North we achieved our goal!”.



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Unique knowledge and competence...
…within the range of wilderness adventure in Swedish Lapland.
Outdoor experience...
…in Swedish Lapland and the World Heritage of Laponia.
Scheduled and tailormade packages...
…for individuals and groups.
Swedish Lapland's...
…most remote places.
Depending on the final destination...
…we can pick you up by car, bus or helicopter from Luleå, Gällivare or Kiruna.
Travel quarantee and responsibility insurance...
… we are certified mountain guides according to the regulations of the Mountain Security Council.


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