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Silence. Bearfoot North creates experiences that combine silence and magnificent nature with insight and commercial success – a unique experience.

Silence, grandeur and experiences are our main products which we combine with true nature and authentic experiences in a stunning landscape. We are active in Swedish Lapland, in the middle of the World Heritage Laponia. A wilderness and a landscape with three large national parks; Sarek, Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfallet, all three guarantees the best of the wild, animals, nature and genuine Sami culture.

Every experience is unique to you as a guest, we choose activities that suit you and your needs. You are our guest and we want to offer you the best.

Welcome to our world!


Behind Bearfoot North stand Claes-Jörgen Pohl, also called Classe. I love people, nature, adventure and culture and in my business Bearfoot North I combine all of this to be able to give you an experience as good as possible.

I was born and raised in the middle of the World Heritage. While growing up, I was taught to live in, and with the nature, close to the Sami culture. I have a passion to share our heritage and the knowledge I have received. With more than 40 years of the wilderness, also comes great respect for the wild. To relate to animals, nature and culture is something that runs through our entire business.

Practical information

Accommodation: We offer several types of accommodation. Tent, cabin, lodge.

Equipment: We provide necessary equipment on request.

Reservation: Depending on weather conditions the tour route may be changed.

Insurance: Bearfoot North has insurance and are certified mountain guides in accordance with the Mountain Safety Council of Sweden.

Personal equipment: On request we can deliver clothes, belts and outdoor equipment from famous brands like Haglöfs, see separate pricelist: Summer/fall | Winter/spring

Packlist: This is what you need, read more: Summer/fall | Winter/Spring

Booking terms & conditions: Read more: Terms & Conditions

Travel guarantee: Reed more.

Responsible travel policy

Our vision and policy is to make travel and experiences in Swedish Lapland memorable by creating products that minimize environmental impact, respecting the cultures and people, taking care of the wildlife and nature and create better economic opportunities for the local community at our destinations.

Responsible Travel Policy: Read the policy here.


Clas-Jörgen “Classe” Pohl
CEO Bearfoot North
Nature, the Sami culture and entrepreneurship has enriched him with humanity that lies behind his success as a guide in a business landscape constantly changing.


Daniel Fåhreaus
Course/Process leader/CEO Pite Energi
With leadership experience from both the armed forces and the last fifteen years in business, both as line manager and CEO, Daniel has extensive experience of developing people and activities. Daniel’s strength is to ask the right questions to the group process to be progressing.


Jörgen Hellsten
Organisation developer
Jörgen has through his professional experience and studies a solid foundation to help organizations evolve. Structures, methodology and implementation capacity is combined with a strong commitment and inspirational drive.



[title size=”small”]Why choose us?[/title]
Unique knowledge and competence...
…within the range of wilderness adventure in Swedish Lapland.
Outdoor experience...
…in Swedish Lapland and the World Heritage of Laponia.
Scheduled and tailormade packages...
…for individuals and groups.
Swedish Lapland's...
…most remote places.
Depending on the final destination...
…we can pick you up by car, bus or helicopter from Luleå, Gällivare or Kiruna.
Travel quarantee and responsibility insurance...
… we are certified mountain guides according to the regulations of the Mountain Security Council.

[title size=”small”]Partners[/title]

Here in Swedish Lapland you will find many world famous attractions that we show you in a simple and natural way. The northern lights, midnight sun, skiing during the summer months and a hotel built of ice. We work together with selected partners who guarantees quality and hospitality at the highest level.






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