All parts of winter has its charm.
Around New Year, days are shorter and it never gets really bright.
This year’s very first months are also the coldest.
It is now February and we are already a brighter time to meet.
A time for beautiful mountain tours, new discoveries and exciting adventures.

During the Winter / Spring 2015 offers Bearfoot North many amazing experiences and exciting adventures, extraordinary.
Here are some hot tips: Do you ski? Do you like challenges? Are you ready for your life’s big adventure?
On 22 and 26 March is the time for  Sweden’s biggest Ride – Áhkká from head to toe.
You are invited to a height difference of 1550 m. The maximum difference in height in Sweden. In front of you is simply the largest rides. Come along! Book your place here.

Sweden’s highest point –  Experience Kebnekaise
To experience the Kebnekaise is something special. When you stand at the top, just over 2100m above sea level, looking out over the dramatic alpine scenery around you, everything else suddenly feel small. You are here and now, and you’re special. The first tour goes on March 19, there are a few places left. Read more and book your place here.

UpSki – Try it out!
Have you discovered a totally new way to ski? We promise you a natural and different experience. Our capabilities include UpSki -Try it out, and a one day course UpSki Basic – Wings for a day.
We update regularly with the dates and places where you can be part of your UpSki adventure.

We look forward to having you on one of our tours in the winter and spring!

/ Bearfoot North