The winter and spring season is coming to an end but we still have the opportunity to enjoy the winter… The end of May there will be a “UpSki weekend” and even though spring has arrived to the Swedish mountains there is still snow. Spring is lovely on the mountains, the light, the snow and those wonderful coffee breaks in the  sunshine. A season made for “just being”.

And the summer season is coming quickly! The first tour starts from Saltoluokta around midsummer, and in early July it’s time for the tour “Sweden’s most remote point,” an amazing tour of the pristine nature that must be experienced.

We are also planning a multisport week in the mountains – more information coming end of May!

It has been a varied winter and one can safely say that it has happened a lot. Introduction of UpSki, which began with tests in Colorado, Saltoluokta and Ritsem. In March it continued with a road show in Abisko, Dundret and Saltoluokta. In February we tested the new tour Laponian Arctic nights and even took a group of tour operators to Ritsem and Sitasjaure. In April, we did “Kungsleden” and made ​​many other trips around Saltoluokta. In May, we climbed both Akkha and Kebnekaise.

What a season! I am very pleased and satisfied.

Thank you. This is life.