Last weekend it was time for the tour “Discover and climb Kebnekaise”, an open tour with participants from all over Sweden, from Skåne in the south to Luleå in the north. We were a total of seven participants, including myself, who guided tour.

We left Nikkaluokta skiing in a dramatic alpine scenery; our goal was Tarfala where we were going to spend the night. The weather was clear and sunny and we went high above Tjevrok and Tarfala lahkku, and reindeer herds kept us company on the mountain slopes, one can say we were lucky to have the very best conditions. It was a long trip and when we arrived to Tarfala the night-light invited us by expressing the most gorgeous colours in the sky.

The following day we were going from Tarfala to Kebnekaise and it became a long and enjoyable skiing trip downhill for 8 km. Once we arrived to Kebnekaise mountain station we had a sauna and a three-course dinner, and we all thought we were worth it!

After a good night’s sleep it was time to climb the Kebnekaise! Climbing the southern peak located at 2,104 meters above sea level is a powerful experience that requires a lot. We skied through Kittelbäcken up to Kittelsjön behind Tuolpagorni where we changed to crampons. We climbed up the Vierrenvares slopes up to 1700 meters above sea level and then went down to the Kaffedalen where we had lunch on the mountainside. We aimed fot the top and climbed the Kebnekaise southern side to the plateau at 2000 meters above sea level – and we finally made it!

Even this time, it felt just as great to stand on Sweden’s highest point. To gaze out and have a view of 360 degrees, the feeling is indescribable. The guests were just as enthusiastic as me and it’s a special feeling to experience this with them. To tell them about the peaks, the glaciers and everything you see all the way to the Norwegian Sea and the Ahkka massifs 100 km away.

The following day we got to see the top again – this time in a glorious sunshine and with the help of the helicopter that took us up to the plateau to enjoy…

As always when strangers get together in an outdoor experience, they become close very quickly and the group collaboration is an incredible experience on the side of everything else we are experiencing.

Photos from the tour – look here!

Join us for the next tour to Kebnekaise!
Kebnekaise is wonderful to experience both winter and summer. Next departure is July 11-14 and we also have a tour this fall September 10-13. Contact me if you are interested to join!