Press release 2014:

Sweden is the first country in Europe to introduce ”UpSki”, a scenic and powerful nature experience in the Swedish Lapland where everything is about skiing uphill the mountain instead of skiing downhill.

Claes Jörgen Pohl, owner of Bearfoot North AB, is happy to offer UpSki in the Swedish Lapland.
– I have experienced UpSki in Colorado many times, and ever since the first time I have been dreaming about introducing UpSki to the European market, 
Claes Jörgen Pohl says.

UpSki is an organic alternative to heli-skiing, using the force of nature to sail the mountains in a safe and easy way.
No lifts, no ticket, no fuss, no crowds. It is about spending the time in scenic terrain above the treeline in Swedish Lapland, the views are magnificent and the landscape is dramatic.

The UpSki is easy to learn; in 30 minutes it is possible to UpSki all by yourself. You can adjust the speed based on your own capability and you have your feet on the ground the whole time. Anyone in normal shape can do it but prior skiing experience is preferable.

Mer information:
Claes-Jörgen Pohl, Bearfoot North AB, tel: 070-629 20 10, epost: